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At the clinic we use a diverse and dynamic approach to problem solving – something that has been tried and tested over thousands of patient visits. We have applied and merged different core areas of Chiropractic assessment and treatment techniques, with highly effective exercise protocols, and management plans – which when added together produce superb results.

In addition, we also provide a unique online learning experience for patients to supplement any hands on treatment, or you can train at our private in house studio.

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‘We find out whatever will work for you best, and treat you as a whole person not just the area that is painful. Our integrated approach enables us to assess you as an individual – we all have different requirements, different problems, and different goals.’

See answers to some frequently asked questions below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get results?

Each individual problem will take different lengths of time to respond, and this often will depend on where the problem is, the severity, and length of time it has been building up for. In Andrew’s experience he expects to see results within 1-2 sessions in terms of the problem changing to know that you are on the right track. A typical course of treatment will take 4-6 sessions for someone to make a noticeable and longer lasting change.

Will I need to come back once I am better?

This all comes down to your approach to looking after your health, and your goals. For most problems if they have built up over a period of time due to postural strains for example, then periodic (2-3 monthly) check-ups are often advised until the problems are largely resolved. It seems sensible to prevent the problem from coming back once we have put a lot of work into fixing it. These options will always be explained and your progress is continually reviewed at the clinic.

Do I need to sign up for the whole course of treatment?

No, unlike with dentistry where you would find out at the initial consultation the work which needs to be carried out, your spine is dynamic and your course of treatment will depend on how well you are doing. So, we review your progress each time and then make any further follow up appointments based on that on a pay as you go basis.

Do I need X-rays or an MRI scan?

This again very much depends on your problem – Andrew is highly trained and experienced in dealing with spinal problems and possible neurological complications (pins and needles, weakness and sensory changes are all familiar symptoms with nerve dysfunction). As part of your initial examination a full spinal and neurological assessment will be undertaken, and this, combined with your story, will give a very good indication of whether any imaging is needed.

I’ve already had imaging and been told I have wear and tear/disc damage, can I still come in?

There is a common misconception that because you have wear and tear (arthritis/spondylosis) or discogenic involvement (herniation’s, bulges, prolapses) that you should not have your spine treated. True, there are of course some circumstances in which a surgical approach is necessary, however Andrew has a diverse selection of treatment options appropriate for such problems and will see patients with the above problems daily in routine practice.

Do I need to be referred by my Doctor?

No, Duffield Chiropractic Clinic accepts patients on a private basis and as such you can book in for an appointment and be seen quickly, usually within 2-3 days and treatment can also be started on the day where appropriate. If Andrew feels your GP needs to be made aware of your problem, or if any further tests such as imaging or blood tests are required, then we will contact your GP with your permission to suggest this.

How much training do you need to be a Chiropractor?

The minimum required training to be a Chiropractor is 4 years. This is a highly extensive course which involves a strong background in science and medical modules (Anatomy, Physiology, Histopathology, Biochemistry, Biomechanics, Neurology, Orthopaedics, Pathology and Medical Diagnosis) combined with hands on lab sessions (Chiropractic technique, soft tissue and myofascial techniques, Radiology, Neurology and Medical assessment) integrated with case studies and a clinical internship. Andrew completed a previous degree in Human Musculoskeletal Science prior to completing his Chiropractic training and has gone on to complete further study to further enhance his patient care.

Are Chiropractor’s registered healthcare professionals?

Yes. To call yourself a Chiropractor you must be registered with the General Chiropractic Council (GCC) and undertake yearly CPD and registration reviews. By law, the GCC must check those who apply for registration to make sure that they have a Chiropractic qualification, are of good character and are physically and mentally fit. They also set and monitor standards of education and training, set standards of practice and conduct, and deal with any complaints about the conduct or practice of individual Chiropractors.

Will I be sore afterwards?

Everyone’s response is different depending on their problem. Andrew will tell everyone that after the first treatment their problem has the potential to get better but then come back, get slightly worse before it improves, or it may stay the same. Often the main risk is that people's movement and pain temporarily improve greatly, and then they go and do too much as they think it is fixed. This causes pain to come back. Some may experience soreness in the area treated if it is already inflamed, and some will ache in other places as their body starts to change (this is like the ache you may get after going back to the gym after while off). All treatment options will be discussed with you and selected based on your problem, your existing medical status, and general physique.

What is the difference between Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Physios?!

Andrew’s general rule for this question is that it doesn’t matter who you see as long as they are good at what they do, and their approach is working for you. For example if you are seeing a Chiropractor who is fantastic, yet your problem needs Physio based exercises which aren’t given, then you would do much better if you are given these exercises. And likewise if you have been given some exercises but no hands on treatment, you may do well with a hands on approach. Chiropractors are highly skilled in hands on manipulation of the specific joints in the spine and the effect these problems have on the nervous system. Andrew has also undertaken extensive training in soft tissue/myofascial release techniques to address muscles, and always provides rehabilitation exercises. This integrated approach is very detailed and you can find out more information here.

What we treat

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Back and neck pain
Joint pain
Much more

I've seen Andrew at Duffield Chiropractic Clinic for shoulder and back pain due to age and over exertion.

Andrew made me feel comfortable immediately, listening carefully and giving me time to explain my concerns. He asked questions to elicit the exact nature of my problems and after treatment gave me advice on how to avoid problems in the future, His understanding, patience, and holistic approach has ensured I got better after treatment and also am able to keep active and fit. - Kate Tollervey

Andrew's help has made a huge difference for my shoulder and knee problems.

I have seen a lot of people over the years and like Andrew’s approach as he is extremely logical and always finds the root cause of the problem. Very happy to be back on the golf course. - Sam Warrington

Andrew is a fantastic Chiropractor, he's just finished treating me for my shoulders which in turn had altered my posture.

Andrew dealt with me in a professional manor and was incredibly knowledgeable and thorough in his treatment. Highly recommended. Thank you very much. - Christine Charles

Andrew is a fantastic Chiropractor, he is extremely knowledgeable.

I have been treated by him over the last 6 years and have always been very impressed. - Robert Cooper

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