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Can you treat knee pain?

Yes. Most people however come in with lower back pain as their main complaint, and when we check their knees they say ‘I didn’t know you treated knees as well mines been hurting for ages!’.

The knee pain may have started a while ago, and was actually the first sign that there was a back problem – but no back pain was there so they didn’t come in. When it gets worse the back problem shows itself and then they realise it’s time to see a Chiropractor.

If your back is causing your knee problem, we can fix it – and if it is just your knee, well we can treat that on its own too.

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What we do in clinic to correct your posture

When you come in for help to correct your posture we do a number of things:

  • Adjust their spine to free up the spinal segments that can’t ‘straighten up’
  • Wake up the nerves that are going to postural muscles so they can hold you you up
  • Loosen tight muscles that are pulling you forwards
  • Show you corrective stretches for tight muscles
  • Advise on strengthening exercises for weak muscles
  • And finally teach you the importance of posture and the spine

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Why have I got piriformis syndrome?

Now we are talking, if you ask ‘why’ for every diagnosis you get told, your chances of improvement and recovery will be completely different! Stretching, massaging, foam rolling and sticking a tennis ball into your piriformis is SO boring if you have to do it more than thrice – lets get down to the causes.

If you fix the cause then all that stretching will pay off and not come back. Top 5 causes would be (in no order):

  • Overpronation
  • Weak Gluteus medius (causing overcompensation of the piriformis)
  • Sacral joint stiffness
  • Pelvic torsion
  • Nerve interference causing muscle inhibition and altering firing patterns

Once we find out which of the above it is, and ask why again, we are getting results.


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Why pain - posture - performance?

Pain, Posture, and Performance – these are the 3 things that I found myself repeating thousands of times over the years. Most people come in when they have pain. They want to be how they were before.

But how they were before was a problem, that led to the pain – this cycle doesn’t make sense.

We teach you about simple postural changes that preceded the pain. These postural changes and injuries resulted from a lack of performance – when it comes down to your working parts.

If we improve your performance, that is how we get you better.

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How do I fix my posture?

Postural changes don’t happen all of a sudden unless you have had a major injury and are standing out of shape due to the pain or problem. Most of the time your posture will change over years, with joints and muscles slowly getting tighter and weaker in different areas of the body.

You need to address weakness and tightness in all the key muscles and joints to correct it. You can do it all yourself (research lower and upper cross syndromes) however it is quicker, easier, and best if you come in and get us to show you.

See our next question – what we do to correct posture

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No, really, what is piriformis syndrome??

OK, as you asked nicely, and twice, here’s the real answer:

The piriformis muscle is found in the hip, it comes from the sacrum (the central part of the pelvis) and attaches to the hip bone – when it contracts it shortens which will pull your thigh out to the side (external rotation) turning your toes out.

If it is tight it can pinch and irritate the sciatic nerve, or cause referred pain from it’s own knots in the muscle.

This can cause hip pain and leg pain.

But why is it there?…

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I just want to get out of pain

If you have decided you want to get rid of your pain that’s a good start, but you’re only a small step there.

If pain is your only motive then please see the GP for pain medications.

If you are in pain and you want to resolve the cause of your pain, then we will be a perfect fit – please book in and we can start to teach you about how your spine functions and performs optimally, and answer why your problem started in the first place.

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What is the best posture?

With modern life a very common story is that people wake up, sit down for a quick breakfast, sit down driving to work, sit at work… this continues for most of the day.

So sitting correctly is important – where possible try and make sure the hips are lower than the knees, and the lower back isn’t slumping or rounding. However in terms of posture a varied one is best. Too much of anything will put pressure somewhere.

See our blog post for more information.

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