What to Expect

Please note we have adapted some of our protocols to enable us to work safely with the impact of Covid-19 – please see our Covid-19 page for more details which may be slightly different form what is outlined here.

Chiropractor Andrew Harlow explains everything in great detail upon your first visit but its always good to see what we will cover first. With our dynamic approach and experience we can help with a range of problems and conditions.

We can also provide an assessment bespoke to you and your goals, whether you need to get out of pain, want to know how to improve your posture, or see if you can improve your performance by resolving any spinal problems.

Whatever your goal, it all starts with a consultation to figure out a plan of action.

The initial consultation

This will normally last 45-60 minutes and allows time for your Chiropractor to get a detailed understanding of the situation, give you a diagnosis for the problem, and provide you with the best options for moving forwards.


Case history

The first part of the consultation would involve a good discussion where you can tell the story of what the problem is, when it happened, what you can’t do etc. The Chiropractor will ask some detailed questions and also ask about your medical history to get a deeper understanding of the whole picture.


A thorough examination

This is a very comprehensive assessment of the whole body from the Chiropractor and will include postural, neurological, orthopaedic, myofascial and functional components to figure out how well your body is working, and how it relates to your problem. Gentlemen will be asked to change down to their underwear or shorts, and ladies will be provided with a gown and can also wear shorts.


A logical report of our findings

Your Chiropractor will let you know in plain English what we think the problem is, and what it isn’t. We both need to understand how and why the problem occurred, why it hasn’t got better until this point, and have a sound approach for resolving it. We will make sure the problem and solution makes sense to you before proceeding with anything.

A variety of treatment options will be explained and you can ask as many questions to make sure you’re happy with the proposed treatment. A likely time frame and number of sessions required will be provided at this stage based on your personal need for the problem you have.

If we need to arrange specialist scans such as X-rays or an MRI we will discuss this before proceeding.


Your first treatment

If time allows, and treatment is appropriate, your Chiropractor will always aim to start your treatment course as soon as possible.

Checklist for what we will have achieved after the first session:

Have someone listen and understand your problem in detail
A thorough physical examination
Receive a diagnosis, and understand why it happened
Have a plan that you are happy with and makes sense to you
Get all of your questions answered