If you are ‘fine’ with ‘being fine’ then you do not yet need to know in greater detail how we improve your performance.upper back exerciseThat is not a bad thing, it just means you have not had the personal experience or insight into the importance of having to increase the performance of your body. We often do not get that until we have lost it, or have a huge drive to increase it – if you are not in pain and have not experienced problems then you can learn from my lessons after I broke my back, rather than having to learn from your own!

Here is part of the secret in a sporting injury example

You got an injury, however you do not recall falling or any high impact force that caused it – so how did it happen? Unless you were injured from and external force (e.g. a tackle or a fall) there exists a hidden grey area in terms of performance.

You shouldn’t get injured if you are in peak physical condition right? So your body may not have been functioning optimally for a period of time before  the injury – and this under-performance was going undetected until the injury occurred.

Here is part of the secret in a sporting success example

You come second place in a race that you have been training for and dedicated a lot of time to. You were off first place by just a short distance. You were not in pain before or during the race, and pain did not affect your training. Was there anything in your body that wasn’t functioning at 100% that you know about that could have affected your performance and given you those marginal gains to get first place? Was it possibly something that you didn’t know about? Or was second place your peak performance and it was an amazing result?!


So when is the best time in the above examples to see us? It depends on what level your performance mind set is tuned to! Do you come in when you can’t train well, when the injury stops you from training, or be in the 1-2% who say ‘I’m training well, and want to see if I can improve further’?

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‘It is so rewarding to see someone be able to make improvements in their performance. Whether it is regaining the ability to do something which they used to be able to do but lost it, or sometimes more impressive when they can do something they thought they could never do.’

‘I look at everything as performance based – if someone is lower down on the performance spectrum and they can’t tie their shoes, that itself is still a performance, and it isn’t very good so we have to make improvements. From an athletic performance view point, your requirement for your body to perform is all of a sudden greater, you’ve raised the bar! As such the level of testing has to mirror that and we become more concerned with many different aspects looking for what might be causing an impact on your performance, at that point in your life’

‘Personally, Chiropractic care has helped me improve so many areas of my life, by improving my performance’

‘You don’t have to be an athlete to want to improve the performance of your body. Life is performance based whether the tasks are being able to go for a run to relax or trying for a PB. Your PB might be wanting to be the best grandma possible and be able to run after the grand kids, or have the energy to do well at work, earn more money, study harder or have more concentration. It’s all about performance.’

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